Replacing printed publications

with electronic ones


Less and less often you see books in people's hands, but more and more we choose electronic mobile devices for reading. Periodicals still use paper media, but the speed and volume of their implementation are inevitably decreasing.


The Verimag platform allows publishers to make a smooth and gradual transition from printed products

to electronic publishing with minimal costs

and an increase in sales efficiency in just 2 stages:

Stage 1

Without changing the scheme of preparation of materials for the printing house, we get a system of sales of electronic magazines

with the possibility of subscription.


Stage 2

We are increasing the content of advertising modules by introducing interactive materials, videos, web links, phone numbers with the possibility of calling, sending letters and integrating with the site.


The lowest production costs and an increasing unlimited number of sales of each issue of the periodical, regardless of the release date.


Statistics of our electronic publications show

that sales of old issues

do not stop over time.


The mobile electronic version of the periodical increases its prestige and relevance to the modern reader by an order of magnitud





The easy-to-use compositing program is similar to layout programs, uses high-resolution PDF files, HTML, VR panoramas, MP4, M4V video files for assembly. You don't have to hire expensive programmers to create mobile versions of magazines.

With the help of VerimagComposer, any print media designer will cope with this task.


The multi-stream mode of downloading numbers

from allows you to pause throughout the download and download the desired number at any time after stopping.


Sales of issues of periodicals are carried out through the AppStore financial system, which guarantees publishers income and protection from unauthorized downloads. All mobile applications on Verimag platforms are protected by a dual encryption system.


The shop program for periodicals

is installed using the main Verimag module. Inside the store, there is an alert about the release of new issues of the periodical, their purchase and download.

The subscription option is implemented.


Mobile versions of periodicals on the Verimag platform are produced under the brand of the customer company. All rights to the content are reserved by the publisher.

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