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"Our interactive platform is like a Harry Potter newspaper"


Maxim Abalyaev is one of those creators who not only gush with ideas, but also successfully implement them into business. Many of his IT projects were initially considered unrealistic and even adventurous. However, Maxim's credo in life is not to act according to a template. That's what makes him a winner.


– I am an enthusiastic person, with a lot of different interests, - says Maxim. – In the nineties, he led a musical group playing art house in English. And at the end of 1999, my first software-related project appeared. I suddenly thought: why is the FineReader recognition program, demanded by millions of users, available on Windows, but it is not available on Apple macOS ("Macintosh")? After all, it is necessary there: these two systems have different processors and principles of operation. "Why not write a program for MAC"? I thought.

In part, it was a classic adventure: I am not a programmer myself, I graduated from the physics department of Saratov State University. However, the idea seemed promising to me. Somehow I convinced ABBYY Corporation, the copyright holder of the FineReader program, of the profitability of our cooperation. We signed a contract and got access to the secret files. I found an investor and hired a group of programmers. We worked in the apartment of my mother-in-law, who was at the dacha at the time. I was the coordinator and tested the project… This is how the company "Sound&Vision" was created. I repeat, initially we had nothing – no money, no experience, only enthusiasm! It was beyond the possibilities to bring the program to the "box". The giant ABBYY corporation, by all the laws of business, had to crush our small company like a bug. But that didn't happen

The FineReader for Mac program was released in the summer of 2001 on the disk for the Apple Macintosh computer. The cover said "Sound&Vision" + ABBYY. The first days of the sale were gigantic. But two weeks later there was a terrorist attack in New York, the twin towers were bombed, and this was due to a drop in sales. After a while, we ceded ABBYY part of the copyright.

Then our team had several more successful projects in various fields. Why did we manage to implement them? There are different approaches to business. Some act according to a template, methodically, for them business is just a job. And we do business on exclusive ideas. This is our trick.

In 2010, we entered the mobile application market. Today, the AppStore is our coolest project - the interactive Verimag platform for iPad/iPhone/iPod. This is a platform for integrating the content of companies in order to create interactive catalogs based on the Apple iPad/iPhone platform. In the interactive presentation catalog, you can use quick navigation both by content and index search, a built-in text editor, interactive links, JPEG, PDF, HTML5, video, animation, VR (three-dimensional objects that can be interacted with via a touch screen). The presentation catalog can contain additional information on any position, and this information will also be interactive.

Such a platform is an excellent cheat sheet for managers with the ability to maximize information on specific products by providing it with reference technical materials, demonstration videos, links to websites and publications in the press. In just 5 minutes, you can tell the client about the advantages of the products, show a video, brochure or pictures in 3D format. Our program replaces the printing catalog with 100 pages. There are several layers in it, like in a matryoshka doll, an interactive layer is applied on top of the PDF page. You touch a picture with a boat with your finger – and the boat sailed. It turns out like a live newspaper in the Harry Potter movies.

Today we have a lot of plans and developments - from the development of a mobile application of the periodic table in 3D format to corporate networks operating without the Internet, using the latest technologies. Negotiations are currently underway with Apple about this.

Our society is a huge anthill. Everyone should find their place and do their job efficiently. We have occupied our niche, we are lucky.


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