mobile classroom on tablets

Conduct classes anywhere – you no longer depend on the Internet!

You can monitor students' devices both together and separately, check tasks at the time of their completion.

And there is no need to check mountains of work after classes!

Verimag - mobile classroom on tablets (without external access point and internet)

allows you to organize a network between mobile devices without an external access point and/or Internet connection (as well as if there is a WiFi/Internet network).


The teacher manages the class from his tablet, passes the material according to the program, turning pages, switching books, receiving real-time information about each student in the form of graphs, answers to questions, tests, tickets.


The project is aimed at solving

the following problem:

Mass informatization of educational organizations through the formation of mobile classes based on tablets, regardless of the network infrastructure and availability of Internet access to ensure the best quality of knowledge and skills of students.


Monitoring the work of students in real time (tests, exams, surveys) and managing all the devices of students and each one individually allows you to achieve the maximum degree of assimilation of educational material and receive reliable information about the progress of each student. As a result, the efficiency of the educational process increases and a higher level of training of students is achieved.


How does the project solve the described problem, and what is the innovativeness

 of the approach:

Our solution allows the teacher's tablet to organize a mixed WiFi peer-to-peer network plus connection via an external WiFi router of tablets that do not support Wi-Fi peer-to-peer technology. The patented communication protocol ensures the organization of an autonomous network teacher's tablet -> students' tablets -> teacher's tablet.


This network provides the transmission of short commands between the teacher and students, the management of students' tablets and the transfer of statistics to the teacher's tablet from a large number of devices almost instantly.


The organization of the class allows you to work not only in a secure mixed network autonomously without the Internet, but also using the Internet and include students in the process remotely via the school server for distance learning.


Materials can be downloaded via a local WiFi network, via the Internet, via e-mail and when devices are connected to a computer via USB, we are also developing a way to simultaneously download content to all students' devices using broadcast transmission on the network.


The material preloaded on the students' tablets does not require the transfer of a large amount of data during the lesson due to this, a high speed of interaction is provided.

Classes can be equipped with 30 or more tablets and work without any additional equipment including in nature. Our protocol algorithm has no fundamental restrictions on the number of connected students, removes the problem of limiting simultaneous WiFi connections for mobile devices to no more than 15 pcs. (relevant for most budget WiFi routers, mobile modems and access points). Equipped with tablets, the Verimag mobile classroom allows you to conduct classes on any subject in any room, unlike the computer class, which is usually intended only for computer science lessons.


The power consumption of the tablet class is ten times lower than the same number of computers. The work of the Verimag mobile class consumes battery power very economically, which allows you to use tablets for continuous operation for 8-10 hours, that is, a full working (school) day, without additional charging.


The organization of a mobile class takes a few seconds and does not require special knowledge, which allows you to operate the Verimag system without the help

of information technology specialists.


Due to the above, the solution is easily scaled without increasing the current costs of its operation, the costs are associated only with the purchase of mobile devices.

Verimag software is licensed for the academic year according to the number of mobile devices on which it is installed.


THE MAIN FUNCTIONS OF THE Verimag mobile class

The system allows:

To provide dynamic multi-session two-way transmission of information from teacher to students and back at the highest speed without access to the Internet.


Manage the whole class at the same time,

and assign tasks to individual groups and students.


Test students in real time and get progress charts.


Conduct surveys on the understanding of educational material and take exams.


Conduct discussions, discussions, webinars, conferences, create joint projects.


Export the results to the LMS of the educational organization (electronic journal/diary).


how does the mobile classroom work?

A software module is created for each academic subject based on the textbook of the Federal List (the main book of the module). In accordance with the thematic plans, additional illustrative and demonstration materials (presentations, texts, photos, audio, video, animation, etc.), tests, control questions are connected to the sections of the textbook on the "matryoshka" principle and assignments, practical and homework, methodological developments, technological maps of lessons. From the main book there is access to all nested books and back.

Each software module can work in 3 modes: teacher in class, student in class, student at home.


In the "teacher in class" mode, all materials, management and verification functions are available. In the "student in class" mode, basic teaching materials are available and at the teacher's choice without the possibility of verification. In the "student at home" mode, all educational materials are available, except for methodological ones and the self-test function.


what is the purpose

of the mobile classroom?

Verimag Mobile Classroom is primarily a teacher's tool for working with the classroom.


To present the educational material and explain new topics, the teacher can use an arsenal of built-in interactive objects (slide shows, audio-video files, animation, interactive questions and tasks, VR panoramas, etc.) both in the Verimag software module itself and involve third-party electronic educational resources when connected to the Internet.


With the help of the built-in "poll-vote" system, the teacher at any time can monitor the degree of initial preparation of students or the assimilation of information from the whole class or part of it, receiving both a general schedule for the distribution of responses and individual responses of students at the same time.


The module can contain questions and tasks with programmed answers for instant correction of students' understanding of the material.


The system "arbitrary question" also helps to carry out current control - an active line with a question in which the student can enter an arbitrary detailed answer. The teacher receives answers from all students and has the opportunity to analyze them, as well as put them forward for class discussion.


At any point of the lesson, a brief test of the assimilation of the material can be introduced, and following the results of the passage of a topic or section of the training course, boundary testing in the form of independent or control work with instant automatic verification and receipt of grades by students is carried out.


Due to its "multi-layered" structure and the presence of 3 modes of operation, each software module can also serve for the organization of practical and laboratory work, homework and exam preparation.


The teacher can give students both the same so

group and individual tasks for independent work in the classroom and at home and project activities.


At any time, using the "Tracking" function, the teacher can connect to any student's device and view his work. This makes it possible to build individual educational trajectories for gifted children and children with disabilities, varying the degree of complexity of tasks for each.


The results of the work in the classroom are saved on the teacher's tablet and can be exported to the LMS of the educational organization (electronic journal/diary). The results of home and extracurricular activities are transmitted to the teacher's tablet when the class is connected to the network. The system also allows you to automatically generate and export reports about the lesson.


With a simple visual editor VMK Composer (Composer VMC) for the training of the teacher can create and save in the common software module routing lessons with interactive links to relevant sections of the EFA or other electronic educational resources, their own scripts to lessons, tests, tests, assignments.


VMK Composer can be used by students to design and results of the project activities. Individual projects can also be imported into a common software module.


The Verimag platform also allows you to operate with third-party electronic content, provides access to online services and software components using the Internet through the "web-view" function.

Download Verimag mobile class (VMC) Usage Guide




The ideal scenario:

All students have tablets, the teacher has a main tablet and an Assistant tablet, there is a screen for displaying demonstration materials and statistics.

Allows you to conduct all types of lessons and types of classes in any conditions (indoors and out, in the presence and absence of the Internet

and wifi) with pre-distribution of training modules to devices. Allows you to implement any learning models (including "Inverted class", "Rotation").


Partial scenario:

a part of the class has tablets (1/2, 1/3, 1/4), the teacher has a main tablet (there may also be an Assistant tablet), a screen. Allows you to implement a model of mixed learning "Rotation". It can be used in the organization of group surveys, tests, control, practical and laboratory work.


Solo scenario:

Only the teacher has a tablet, a screen or an interactive whiteboard.

Allows you to conduct lectures, demonstrations using various types of multimedia on Verimag software modules.

It is intended for familiarization with the mobile classroom system and the construction of software modules.


The work of the Verimag mobile class

47 + 1 tablet

The work of the Verimag mobile class

92 + 1 tablet


VERIMAG actively tests its technologies in the educational process.

In cooperation with the Moscow Cadet Corps "Boarding school of pupils of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation" curricula on the history of Russia (teacher - T.S. Kravchenko) and physics (teacher - T.I. Shishova) have been developed.

Further work is planned to create new scenario manuals for studying subjects of the school curriculum.

Lessons in the Verimag mobile classroom

With the use of Verimag mobile classroom technologies, you can create and conduct any type of lessons:


The lesson of discovering new knowledge
Lectures and educational talks

with various types of interactive and multimedia demonstrations can be held not only within the walls of educational institutions, but also in any other setting at the choice of the teacher most appropriate for the educational purpose.

Mobile classroom allows you to present new knowledge to students on excursions,

expeditions, travel,

that is, to get as close as possible to the subject of study and be able to explore it practically: take notes, photos, videos, conclusions about the progress of work

and save them on the device for further work.


Reflection Lesson

Each Verimag program module provides an opportunity for the student to express his thoughts, analyze a particular issue in writing. The teacher receives short or detailed messages to the questions asked, essays and can evaluate them during the lesson, sort out mistakes, explain problem areas, conduct a dialogue separately with every student.


Lesson of general methodological orientation

With the help of the "Transfer of Control" function in the Verimag mobile classroom, a conference is easily organized with the possibility of alternate reports of participants. The built-in voting system allows for joint discussion, debate, discussion on any issue important for understanding the topic.

Automatic calculation of the results makes it possible to organize a competition or a small competition game when performing ordinary exercises or tasks.


Lesson of developing control

Thanks to the instant generation of statistics

in the Verimag mobile classroom, the teacher sees the results of surveys, tests, written works of all students already

in the process of completing their assignments. The teacher sees not only the percentage of completion of the task, the correctness or inaccuracy of the answer, but

also the specific answer of each student. This allows the teacher to select the most effective methods of work

with each student to achieve the best knowledge.