interactive courses/ e-trainings

Now in schools and higher educational institutions, tablets are beginning to be actively used, both

for presenting materials and monitoring progress. In addition, new approaches to business education, hiring, testing or sales organization are being considered. In all these cases, the use of tablets is the main trend.


Verimag is developing a tool for creating publications on a tablet for teachers

(and for students) as part of a problem-oriented learning approach.


In the organization of educational content, Verimag technologies developed by us are used to create interactive electronic publications on tablets (more than 500 publication projects have been implemented without the classroom system, more than 100,000 users use our programs created on the Verimag platform).

Verimag - a mobile classroom on tablets (without a external access point and Internet) in November 2015 was demonstrated at the Apple Russia representative office, at Lomonosov Moscow State University, at Lanit Education (Indigos), at the Institute of Mobile Educational Systems (IMOS), at the conference "Education Day in Skolkovo 2015", at the international scientific and practical conference "Building a school of the XXI Century" in autonomous operation on 33 tablets and aroused keen interest especially in terms of quick response to teacher commands and showing statistics in real time. On the example of the Electronic Kaizen training course on the basics of lean technologies and TPS (Toyota Production System), created by us on the order of the Oleg Deripaska Foundation "Volnoe Delo".

Currently, the Composer program developed by us for macOS X is used to create courses.


Tools are being prepared for teachers to independently prepare test tasks for existing courses first, and then their own courses using

a tablet. By creating courses on Verimag yourself, you make each of them unique. And thanks to the extensive palette of interactive features of the platform, classes will become not only useful,

but also fascinating.

Your first book

about music

The program was created

in cooperation with the Academic Music College

at the Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory

the cost of developing courses

The cost of developing each course is individual and depends on many parameters: its volume, saturation with photographs, diagrams, graphs, diagrams, tables, inclusion of hand-drawn illustrations in the course (our artist will create them according to your sketches or descriptions of the drawings), the number and type of animation.


In any case, we will help you to make the optimal functionality

and the most profitable solution for you.


The course creation time also depends on the source materials provided for the work.


With prepared texts and illustrations, work on the course can take from 1 day to several weeks.


We will answer in detail all your questions regarding how to provide materials,

and the creation of the course and tests for it as a whole.


When ordering more than one course, Verimag provides the creation of test tasks, questions or tickets as a bonus.


When ordering 2 or more courses, various discounts are provided.


In cooperation with ANO "Japanese Center "Kaizen" in Krasnodar Krai

Verimag has developed

a training program for the basics of the lean manufacturing system created by Toyota,

Kaizen - TPS

This course is recommended to anyone who has embarked on the path

of change and wants

to master the basics

of management systems

21st century.